The Ultimate Event Budget Template

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How do you know how much sponsorship go after if you’re not sure how much your event is going to cost?

Your event budget is the foundation for sponsorship because it dictates your sponsorship goal.
So, what do you include in your sponsorship budget? You include a publicist, step and repeats, graphic artists, photographer, etc. If some of these things are not familiar to you, don’t worry. I explain it all in my video that comes with the budget.
You need to understand the basic costs involved with producing a successful event and this budget has it all!



This is the exact budget spreadsheet that I use for all of Harlem’s Fashion Row events. You can actually take the spreadsheet, download it, and use as your own. You might not need every line, so you can delete what you don’t need.

It includes: 

1 Budget Spreadsheet with all line items associated with a basic event
A video that explains each budget line item


    This product is included in the Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0

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