Sponsorship Mastery Audio Set

Sponsorship Mastery Audio Set

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It’s one thing to guess what sponsors want, but this suite of interviews give you insight from people who eat, breath and work sponsorships all year long.
They are being pitched all the time, you need the inside track to what works and what doesn’t!
This suite of interviews will give you the inside track from people who pitch or get pitched sponsorships all the time!
I’ve invited a few experts to share all of their insider tips and tricks with you!



For years, I’ve worked with a sponsorship agent. He and I work in tandem to secure sponsorships. He does this day in and day out for lots of events. You get to hear how he approaches securing sponsorships.

If you don’t know by now, brands hire marketing agencies to help them decide what events they should sponsor. These agencies sometimes have more influence than the actual brand. This interview suite features 2 people from 2 different agencies. They give you insights on what agencies look for in sponsorship opportunities. You can’t find this anywhere!

If all this were not enough, you get to hear a call between me and a brand.  Yes, I let you hear me pitch my event to a brand! So, you now will understand exactly how to conduct a call with a potential sponsor for your event. I’ve never done this before, but I thought it was so important for you to actually hear my pitch so that you can perfect yours!

It includes:

2 Marketing Agency Interviews about what attracts them to sponsor events
Interview with my Sponsorships Team on how he gets Sponsors to commit
A real call between me and a sponsor that resulted from a cold sponsorship email

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    Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0

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