The Ultimate Email & Follow Up Guide for Sponsorship

The Ultimate Email & Follow Up Guide for Sponsorship

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The one thing you’ll need to stand out to sponsors is an amazing email.
Your introduction email is your first impression, so it’s important that this email is on point in every way!
In addition to sending your introduction email, you need to know how to follow up. If you don’t follow up, you won’t get sponsored. It’s that simple. Even with brands I know, follow up is required.
Once you follow up, you’ll need to follow up again….and again!
Having a follow-up plan is even more important!
Having a savvy email plan is critical to getting attention and getting to the next step with a sponsor.


You'll get examples of emails that I send to this day! Pay attention to how things are bolded and how I end the email. Last year, I decided to test my emails, so I sent them to about 5 CEOs. One of the CEOs was from Staples. Guess what? I got a response! Yes, I was connected to the top executive in Marketing from the CEO! That email is included in this Guide.

It includes:

My latest Email Introduction Example
My latest Follow Up Email Example
The email I sent to Staples CEO that got me noticed!
My suggested follow-up methods!

This product is included in the 
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