Sponsorship Deck Template

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A sponsorship deck or proposal is sent out to the brand to attract interest. Think of it as a resume.
This is your selling tool. This tool will be used to grab the attention of the brand, it will be sent internally inside the company to different departments, it will be printed out for meetings, or it will be looked at and closed.
Your deck says EVERYTHING about you and your event. It communicates EVERYTHING about the quality of your event at first glance. After all, it’s the only thing that a brand will know about you. Again, think of it as sending your resume to a company to get hired.
The sponsorship deck is the most critical component of the entire sponsorship process, so it’s important that you GET IT RIGHT. No pressure.


For years, people have asked me for a Sponsorship Deck template. Finally, I worked with my current graphic artist to create a customizable sponsorship deck. Yes, you can use this deck over and over, year after year. This deck already has all of the information you need to include in it. All you need to do is replace that information with yours and replace the photos in the template with yours.

It includes:

Customizable Sponsorship Deck Template in PPT form. It easily converts to Keynote.

How amazing is this! Finally, there is an easy solution to creating a sponsorship deck quickly. Instead of researching a graphic artist, sending an email, and paying sometimes up to $1,000 for a sponsorship deck you’ll get access to this template as well as my personal examples!

This product is included in the Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0

You’re welcome! :)

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