Post Sponsorship Wrap Up Deck Example

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You’ve secured a sponsor and your event is over. Now what?

Your sponsor will expect a recap of the event and this recap is called a wrap-up deck.
Your wrap up deck will include everything you promised in your agreement with the brand. It is a tangible way for you to showcase the success of the event to the brand.  
This tool says: I provided everything I promised to you and here is how amazing it turned out!
If you have already secured a sponsor, you’ll need to send a wrap-up deck.


If you’ve never done a wrap-up deck, this example will show you exactly how it should be done.  You can use this example to create a wrap-up deck using the sponsorship deck template.

It includes:

 A post-event wrap up deck & activation with Macy's 

    A post-event wrap up deck & activation with Verizon 

    A post-event wrap up deck & activation with McCafe

    When you send a wrap-up deck, brands will feel like you’re experienced and knowledgeable. When you send the wrap-up deck, you should also ask for a phone call to discuss your next event.

    This product is included in the Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0

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