Custom Sponsorship Decks and Brand IDEA Strategies

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A sponsorship deck or proposal is sent out to a brand to attract interest. Think of it as a resume. So, you send out your resume, but then the company wants to know you better so they call you in for an interview. 
At the interview, you may have to show or prove how you would be of benefit to the company. In the same way that you’ll have to prove how you specifically would perform in a company is the same way a brand will want to know how you will integrate their brand into your event.
A custom proposal is expected. Brands want to know how you will integrate their brand category specifically, so this means that if it’s an automobile brand they will want to know how you would integrate a car into the event. If it’s a cellphone or technology company, they will want to know how you’ll integrate their technology into your event.


You should be prepared to answer how you’ll integrate a brand into your event no matter the category.



When I first started doing sponsorships, I would spend weeks trying to figure out how to integrate a brand into my event. Honestly, I think I’ve clocked 10,000 hours working on custom sponsorship decks. So, this product is your shortcut.

It includes:

3 Custom Sponsorship Proposals I’ve sent to Brands
Now, if this wasn't good enough I’m going to offer something that agencies charge THOUSANDS of dollars for and that is IDEAS!!! Yes, I’m giving you my IDEAS for pennies when these IDEAS could bring you thousands!
I’ve created an ENTIRE IDEA STRATEGIES spreadsheet with over 5 categories and ideas for each brand categories. There are over 100 IDEAS in general and over 80 IDEAS that are category specific! So, you’ll be off and running in minutes. I’m shaving years off your life here!

Brands will feel like you’re experienced and knowledgeable. You’ll approach a sponsorship call and meetings like a pro with the IDEA board. Trust me, this one is worth thousands!

This product is included in the Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0


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