Sponsored: How to Get Brands to Sponsor Your Next Event - *Limited Time Offer FREE SHIPPING*

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I've secured sponsorships from Target, Verizon, Nike, Prudential, Tresemme, and more! Are you an event producer (or have an idea for an event) and need help to pay for it? Would you like to produce an event and not worry about being left with a bill at the end? And do you want all of this to give you a profit on top of covering regular expenses?

I’m a top-rated teacher of event sponsorship with over 10 years of experience producing an event in New York City. I’m also from Memphis, TN and started my idea in New York from scratch with no connections or money. More importantly, though, I’m doing what I love without breaking my personal bank --- any more.

Also, you should know that I had no relationships, connections, or money. So, I wasn’t starting from a place of advantage. My first sponsorship was $10,000. It is absolutely possible, not just for me, but for you too. I know because I’ve seen it work for my students. I can finally produce the events that I love.

My purpose is being fulfilled and I feel like I’ve finally unlocked the sponsorship secrets. I've secured over $2 Million in sponsorships from fortune 500 hundred companies and more. This book gives step by step instructions on how to secure sponsorships for your next event.

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